The Bowers FaderDuo             Debut CD

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Paul Salerni: Something Permanent

  • 1. Land

  • 2. Mission

  • 3. Minstrels

  • 4. Boys

  • 5. Apartment

  • 6. Bed

  • 7. Rocker

Scott Wheeler: Canzoni Italiane

David Claman

  • 12. Ganga-Yamuna

  • 13. The Maldive Shark

  • 14. The Enviable Isles

Tim Mukherjee: Folk Song Settings

Now available: the debut album from The Bowers Fader Duo: Between Us All - New American Art Songs for Voice & Guitar. Available on iTunes, Spotify, and the links below!

Since their formation in 2009, The Bowers Fader Duo has commissioned over 20 new works from American composers representing a wide range of compositional aesthetics. Between Us All, their debut recording, features performances of works by Paul Salerni, Scott Wheeler, Tim Mukherjee, and David Claman, that highlight the duo's precise realization of the musical score and expressive communication of the texts





"This collection of songs for mezzo and guitar is simply delicious; the deep oak of Jessica Bowers’s lower range and the lush honey of her higher range mix well with the steady and sensitive guitar playing of Oren Fader. From Paul Salerni’s Something Permanent with its striking texts concerning the most everyday of every day life to the sumptuous Canzoni Italiane by Scott Wheeler, which transports listeners to the most beautiful summer day in some small Italian village in some time past, to Tim Mukherjee’s Folk Song Settings that take the well-known and re-contextualize it in a surprising and pleasurable way, this is a lovely peek into the truths of humanity through the lens of Bowers, Fader, and their instruments."

Boyd, 8.2019, American Record Guide


"I was very pleased to be sent this exquisite recording of new music for voice and guitar with new compositions by American composers. The musical language and writing for guitar and voice is excellent throughout. With great ensemble performances, intricate and musical guitar work, and soaring vocals, this is a very exciting release."

This is Classical Guitar

"A classical duo that commissions art songs shows a punk sensibility as they do a bunch of songs inspired by the Depression photos of Walker Evans, many included in the program notes.

Eggheads and highbrows have a potential top 40 of their own right in these grooves." 
Midwest Record

Thanks so much to our wonderful composers,and Dan Lippel, Marc Wolf and Neil Beckmann at New Focus Recordings, and 

Adam Abeshouse and Jeremy Tressler for making us sound amazing!

Special thanks to Adam for stellar production!

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